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CN22 - is a must for many countries outside the bubble mailer - no need within the EU

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Spy Who Rocked Me Series - Europe 2010

Asia Guitar Pick Set 2011

City Stamp 2013

Go Go Girl Series 2014

License Plate Series 2015

Icon City Series 2015

Icon City Series 2015 - bigger

Regional Train Series 2015

Flag and Landscape Pin Girl Series 2015 - Corporate - one sheet

Girl and Droids Regional Series 2015 - Corporate USA - one sheet

Holiday Snow Globe Series 2015 - one sheet

Hard Rock Girls of New Year's Guitar 2016 - Series

3D Skyline Guitar Series 2016

Skeleton Key Series 2016

Valentines Day 2016

Major League Soccer - MLS Guitar Series 2016

Regional Surfboard Girl 2016

Regional Crest Series 2016

Florida Pirate Girl Series 2016

World Burger Tour Series 2016

4th of July Girl Series 2016

Hard Rock Heals Pins 2016

Hard Rock Heals Pins 2016 - Franchise

Street Artist Series Emilio Ramos Mystery Set - July 2016

Hurricane Glass Series 2016

Regional European Compass Series 2016

Regional European Compass Series 2016 - with Antwerp/Seville/Munich changed

Regional Anime Girl Series 2016

Japan Guitar Series - HardRockCafe - 2016

Sand Clock Series 2017

Dragon & Dagger Series 2017

Mermaid Puzzle 2017

Flag Skull Series 2017

Casino 3D Skull Series 2017

Valentine's Lock Series 2017

Cut Off 2017 - once a month HRO

St.Patrick's Day Series 2017

3-Pin Set 2017

Viking Shield Helmet 2017

Global Travelers Series 2017

Garfield Japan 2017 1 Garfield Japan 2017 2

Core Greetings From Pick Series 2017

Core Country Flag Guitar Series 2017

Core Destination Name Series 2017

Core 3D Skyline Guitar Series 2017

Core City Icon Series 2017

World Map Series 2017

City Bicycle Series 2017

Dream Catcher Series 2017

Regional Crest Series 2017

Boot Series 2017

Dragon & Guitar Series 2017

Glow in the Dark - Halloween Series 2017

Glow in the Dark 2 - Halloween Series 2017

Street Sign Series 2017

Holiday Sweater Series 2017

City Dragon Series - Asia 2017

Reykjavik Christmas boxed-set 2017

Pin Cruise 2018

Bartender Series 2018

Europe Transportation Series 2018

3D Turntable Series 2018

St.Patrick's Day Series 2018

3D Filigree Series 2018 a 3D Filigree Series 2018 b 3D Filigree Series 2018 c 3D Filigree Series 2018 d

Global Logo Series 2018

4th of July 2018

Hidden Guitar Series 2018

City Block Series 2018

Freddie for a Day 2018

Regional Dessert Series 2018 - Europe

Road Trip Series 2018 - US

Regional Sunglasses Series 2018 - US

Military Tag Regional Series 2018 - US

Back Pack Series 2019 - global

Translucent Skull Series 2019

Iconic Flag Series - Regional Europe 2019

3D Dragon & Shield Series 2019

Hello Series - Asia 2019

Kazoo Panda Mystery Set 2019

Skull Banda Series 2019

Ramayana Series 2019

Message in a Bottle Series 2019 - Global

3D Cityscape Headstock Series 2019

Food Truck Series 2019

LIST - Core Head-stock Flag Series.xlsx

LIST - Hard Rock Heals Music Note Series 2016.xlsx

LIST - RedCross2017.xlsx

Facebook - License Plate Series - Permalink

License Plate Series - missing locations

smart releases of 40th-logo-vs-DOR-girls

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